Who We Are

Public Relations is all about building and sustaining relationships.

The tools of “PR”, i.e. the press release, a website, social media tools, sponsorship, photos, videos, surveys, events, seminars, coaching are methods used by public relations consultants but WE focus our approach by first assessing a client’s needs and integrating these tools into achieving stronger relationships.

And, we are very good at using this approach that often results in a strong return on investment for our services.

Here are examples where our relationships made a difference for clients:

Hole in One! A California client wanted to inform Colorado company senior leadership about his golf course to increase usage. He did not have the Front Range, Colorado connections. We did. Result: More than 60 new business relationships were formed and more rounds of golf played.

U.S. Government access. A small business wanted to sell products to the U.S. government. They reached out to us as we had the connections to make it happen.

F as in Fighter. Asked by a USAF organization to develop an interactive CD for the F-22 fighter aircraft. It included a video game and 200+ web site links. Because of our connections the

product was key in educating members of Congress, the media and the public.

Santa Tracking. Lead
NORAD’s effort to safely
get Santa around the
globe for 8 years. Because
of our relationships with industry the effort set a world record for the most web site hits – 240 million! Children across the globe slept better knowing that Santa was safe. The good will that resulted from the relationships built was very favorable to NORAD, the U.S. and Canadian military as well as both nations.

Comforting Others. We saw a need and because of our social services relationships developed and implemented a support program in San Antonio to assist families dealing with terminal illness and bereavement. Compassion and caring for others filled a critical community need.

Safeguarding America’s Skies. In the aftermath of Sept 11 we handled nearly 1,500 media queries as we explained to a global audience the combat air patrols across the USA. Coverage, by an large, was positive and accurate because of our press relationships.

Hurricane Katrina. Lead the largest military public relations effort in U.S. history showcasing the Department of Defense mission in safeguarding lives. Our relationship with the media resulted in positive coverage and a global public that recognized the role of those in uniform.

International Call to Action. The U.S. Marshall Center, Garmisch, Germany wanted a university to build an interactive web product. That university reached out to us as we had the connections and expertise to deliver the product.

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