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Song:  Aurora’s Light

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Song:  Aurora

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Louis Colaiannia is a talented songwriter, pianist and concert performer. When you listen to Keys of Christmas, you can tell right away the classically trained pianist who explores contemporary piano, jazz, new age and chill out music, has in fact produced a wonderful holiday arrangement. Enjoy the season in perfect harmony with Keys Of Christmas. – John P Olsen www.newagemusicworld.com

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Entrancing with its passion, his music will encompass your being allowing you to experience emotion in waves. Influenced by the works of such immortal composers as Beethoven, Mozart, and Rachmaninoff, Louis Colaiannia intoxicates with their same passion, complexity, and enchantment. Described by Scott Taylor, Veteran Radio Consultant and Award Winning Programmer, as an, “Incredible composer and performer with a touch of Tesh, Brickman & Yanni all rolled into one. His music is both soothing and uplifting, allowing the senses to feel every note.”

“Moments” one sheet

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“I think The Next Stage is pianist/composer Louis Colaiannia’s most exciting and vibrant release to date. Mixing jazz, pop, new age, rock, and classical elements into a unique and tasty musical stew, Colaiannia has created a collection of nine diverse pieces that range from light and soothing to big and bold.”
Kathy Parsons – MainlyPiano.com

“Next Stage” one sheet



“In the life of an artist is always an exciting moment when you have to take that first step onto the stage at which you have never spoken – new students , new light , new atmosphere and a few tens of minutes to show the audience all that you can do. Many fear this moment , many are waiting impatiently.
Musician from Denver Louis Koleyenya clearly has no fear , he worked hard and successfully performed at home , attending various festivals and with the same success giving solo performances . Yes, that’s even a new album called «The Next Stage».

Well, it is worth noting that his style of playing the piano makes it an ideal candidate for stage shows as a small concert halls ( not hard to imagine him at the piano at an expensive restaurant or on an important and solemn ceremonies like weddings, for this is well suited «Ramp It Up » and « City’scapes »), and in large . If many of his colleagues in the black and white keys of music helps create an intimate, trusting environment , it takes a swing and expression , although his compositions are ideal for creating a cozy , warm and romantic atmosphere.

Music Louis – is incendiary , filled with tart passion and groove variations on smooth jazz `a, new age, classical and pop , and all together it forms a variety, it is a scenic option. Following this groove , to Luis joined his fellow musicians , and then to the parties keys adds its voice saxophone , flute , guitar and jazz percussion , groovy beat.

On «The Next Stage» is downright excellent , canonical in the best sense of the word smooth- tracks : «Ancient Voices» and «Where Angel’s Dance», but located in between “Midnight” is fascinating interesting variations on the theme of the Baroque , in which the soloist performs the role of the flute . But those who are looking for the very repeatedly said groove , be sure to listen to the chic thing «Obsession», it is an obvious hit. «Stephanie’s Eyes» and «Adam’s Light» – vibrant and colorful fusion rooms with lots of tools and romping continuous pulsations of rhythm, while producing positively impressed by the relaxed and caught embodied ease melodies. All this sounds very much alive – it seems that not only Louis sees a scene with which he is to conquer the audience , but also the listener somehow left the comfort of his apartment and was transported in a large concert hall. Maybe it is because of the feeling of improvisation, giving birth to great tunes right before our eyes? To enhance this effect, the end sounds composition «Dancing Snowflakes», illustrating how operating Koleyenya live. And it works great – wide, expressive , bright, natural tearing of applause from the enthusiastic audience .
We can probably assume that these emotions cause you a whole album of this artist . Very beautiful, romantic music from which the soul is just getting good.  (SOURCE:  Sergey, Ascentor) (LINK FOR REVIEW IN RUSSIAN)




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Keys of Christmas







KEYS OF CHRISTMAS (Listen to tracks below.  Click on links)

01 Home and Hearthlight 1

02 Hark The Herald Angels Sing

03 Sea Of Stars

04 Through The Eyes Of A Child

05 O Tannenbaum

06 Dancing Snowflakes

07 Angels We Have Heard On High

08 Sentimental Christmas