Why You Should Consider Geo-Fencing

Effective marketing requires using multiple channels and approaches to deliver your company message to your target audience. Merely buying a billboard or setting up Google Ad may not be enough to reach your target audience.  Thus, let’s chat about Geo-Fencing.

In a world filled with various technologies, advertisements, and media all vying for our attention, how do you make your message stand out? How do you distinguish your company and your unique message? Over the next few weeks, the experts at Perini & Associates will cover some helpful tips for delivering your company message directly to your audience.

First, let’s cover a technology that is projected to grow at a rate of 27.5% by 2022, geo-fencing.

Geo-fencing utilizes GPS coordinates to deliver targeted, location-based advertising and offerings to mobile phones in a specified area. In a nutshell, it allows you to set up a virtual perimeter of interest to target potential customers. When they (and their mobile devices) enter the boundary you have set, it allows you to send them advertisements, emails, alerts, and the like.Beb

Have you ever had an app open and seen an ad banner? That’s probably an example of geo-fencing. With geo-fencing technologies, mobile devices can serve as a highly targeted and effective ad in the hand of every potential client with a mobile device.


Let’s go over some of the benefits of using geo-fencing technologies.

1. Increased sales

Some products or services are location and time sensitive. For example, happy hour specials matter to people leaving work looking for a nearby place to grab a drink.

2. It’s cost-effective

Geo-fencing allows smaller businesses to effectively get their message out to customers in the area, which increases the likelihood of them responding positively to the call to action. Let’s face it, most businesses don’t have the budget to compete with larger companies’ advertising budgets. But geo-fencing could help them attract those in their area.

3. Reach your target audience

Geo-fencing helps you ensure that your ads are reaching people in your predetermined physical sphere of influence, which will enable you to reach audiences who would not have otherwise searched for your business.

4. Reinforce your efforts

Does geo-fencing replace other communications efforts? Certainly now. With geo-fencing, businesses can reinforce their targeted advertising efforts. For example, a small shop could place a traditional billboard ad at a location a mile away from the shop, then set up the geo-fencing technologies to run ads when a potential customer reaches a half-mile radius, reinforcing what the potential customer saw before and increasing the likelihood of brand recognition.

5. Build customer loyalty

Here’s a practical example, if a customer is within your chosen radius at lunchtime, you could send an advertisement to their mobile device and increase your chances of bringing them in for a meal.


The experts at perini & associates are integrating this rapidly growing technology into their list of products to offer a holistic approach to help your company meet its goals. Follow us on social media for more information about geo-fencing, or call us to learn how you can implement it into your communications plans.

Source: Melissa Stewart, perini & associates.

Starting her career in communications as a military public affairs specialist where she reported on everything from combat operations to life on the base. Since then has earned a degree in strategic communication from Northern Arizona University and an MBA from EDHEC Business School while continuing to work in journalism, public relations, and marketing. Melissa loves being creative and meeting new people.  She has experience in Social Media, Email Marketing Content Creation, Google Ads and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  She is a free-lance writer for the Pikes Peak Newspapers.


What is the Role of Paid Advertising?

What is the Role of Paid Advertising?

By Michael B. Perini, ABC

It would be great if “earned media” — free placement of your story by the media would always be available.  Unfortunately, with the pace of news and decisions by editors on what is news business owners and nonprofit directors are left with a loss on how to get their story told.   

Another way is paid advertising.  What is the role of paid advertising? The easy answer is that advertising helps sell a product or service.   More from  THE MEDIACENTER · 1500 Harbor Blvd. 2nd Floor · Weehawken NJ 07086 · Tel 866 MC ASK US · Fax 201 348 1761  “Beyond that, however, advertising has several key benefits in terms of reinforcing a company’s marketing efforts, providing information to customers and the marketplace, and creating and enhancing your company’s identity and image.

If a prospect asks the question, “Why should I advertise?” here are some compelling reasons:


Advertising enables you to hold onto existing customers. Many enterprises thrive on repeat and referral business, and existing customers are the key to both. When existing customers don’t hear from you or about you, they tend to forget you. Advertising enables you to reach  new customers. Your market changes constantly. New families move into the area.  Also, people’s circumstances change, which means differ­ences in lifestyle and buying habits. They have new wants and needs every day. Advertising keeps you in step with  the changes in your market. Advertising gives you an advantage over competitors who have stopped advertising. A troubled economy can be a superb advantage to a marketing-minded entrepreneur. It gives you a chance to attract some of their customers. Advertising generates customer traffic. Continuous customer traffic means sales increases and an expanded customer base. The more people who come into your business, the greater the possibilities of making sales and forming new customer relationships. Advertising gives you a long-term advantage over competitors who cut back or cancel their advertis­ing. Companies that maintain their advertising experience much greater sales increases than those who don’t.


Advertising reaches your customers regardless of their reading, listening and viewing habits. Advertising builds awareness. Awareness builds familiarity and trust. Each ad appearance builds on prior brand recognition.  Advertising creates long-term memory. People for­get, and they forget fast. They are bombarded with mes­sages, an estimated 2,700 a day. The more impressions you make, the longer people will remember your ad and your company. Advertising helps customers decide. Many people postpone buying decisions, often going from store to store comparing prices, quality and service. Advertising must reach them steadily throughout the buying process because your name must be fresh in their minds whey they’re ready to buy. Advertising keeps your business top of mind. People won’t know you’re there unless you get the word out. Continual advertising builds awareness and trust in your company.


Advertising strengthens your identity. When you quit advertising, you shortchange your reputation, reliability and the confidence people have in your company.  Advertising keeps a healthy and positive image of your company. It corrects misleading gossip and counter­acts overstated bad news. Advertising maintains morale. Your own morale is improved when you see your marketing at work, especially when you see that it does work. Cutting back on advertising can lead to the impression that your business is in trouble. Positive advertising carries the knowledge that your business is healthy. Advertising improves your business’ image. It tells your customers and competitors that your doors are open and ready for business.”

Yes, we can design and recommend placement of your ad!

A PR or Marketing Firm!  Really!

A PR or Marketing Firm! Really!

PR FIRM! Really?

by Michael Perini, ABC
perini & associates

I know it might sound strange, coming from an owner of a PR firm, but I am often asked, “Why does my business and/or issue need your services?”

I often hear this from small businesses just starting out who think they don’t need or can’t afford PR or marketing.  And, I have had long time organizations often want an answer to this question as well. I think we can thank all of that desktop publishing software and corner copy shops for making our services in the industry appear that anyone can do this!  Not!

Having experience, both as a PR practitioner and as a client, I can understand the value of having good PR and marketing advice and counsel.

From my experiences, here are several reasons why someone should hire an outside PR agency. I would surely like to hear your thoughts, so please comment.

1. It’s not a hill that you climb and then hike down! You know those trails that you look forward to exercising on and getting that selfie photo at the top? You do it once and think that’s it…I have seen the view!! PR is like a continuous lap similar to what our Indy or NASCAR friends’ experience. Once you get started you need to continue going and you need a “crew chief” – or PR expert — to provide you with guidance about the other drivers while helping you stay in your lane, out of trouble and win the race!! GREEN! GREEN! GREEN!

2. On the rocket pad. When you start a new product or service you need to have a strong plan and an even stronger launch. PR and marketing  are integrated approaches across the many disciplines ensuring maximum altitude for your business or issue. It’s not about a press release or having a tent sale. A system wide approach by an expert will make sure your product, service or issue takes off while you and your organization are still on the ground.

3. Where do you stand in line? Success today in this instant information world is often measured by relationships. From family and friends. To customers and competition. You want to be at the front of the line and a professional communicator knows how to get you there by developing a strategy that meets your needs while moving you up! Relationships and the quality of them are very important in this techno world we now find ourselves in. That smile can often do more than all the glitz you can muster.

Ten Best Public Relations and Marketing Ideas

Ten Best Public Relations and Marketing Ideas

by Michael Perini, ABC
perini & associates

Below are the ten best public relations and marketing idea.  Read more!

Are you planning to make any resolutions for your business or nonprofit?

Did you know that more than 75 percent of people who make resolutions abandon them within months, according to Sharon Liao, SHAPE magazine.

So, let’s try a new tack. Let’s agree to make and stick to our “second” list of resolutions by focusing on ideas that will help your public relations skills and interests. What’s good for you will also be good for your business, activity or issue. I would like to hear from you but try these on for size:

1. Hit the slopes! Or, the surf, or the trail or the fitness center. It’s a long year and now is the time to get yourself ready for a busy time. Being in physical shape enhances what we bring to the mental game with the client, the media or having the energy to work a community event for 12 hours — you name it!

2. Start a new hobby. It isn’t always about business. I find that I need something totally unrelated to my normal routine. What’s it for me? Skiing down a blue/black diamond slope. The planning, pace and skill are also tools I use to be successful in public relations and marketing. So, go back to #1!

3. Actually use a slide rule. Ok maybe not, unless you are an engineer! My point is to stretch yourself; get outside your comfort zone. Learn something new. Taking this step will also help you maintain the creative energy that you’ll need when working in business, or on an issue or activity.

4. Buy something. New or used. We all know where the economy is. So get out there and help your fellow businessperson. I need a new coffee pot for the office. See you at the store!

5. Go to a movie. Watching an action thriller on a big (really big) screen with speakers above and surround sound is almost an unearthly experience anymore. Yes, you can get that movie on DVD or downloaded to your computer or phone, but seeing the film in a large format is something that will make your day and should bring back to the office some really BIG ideas!

6. Take a break. Now. 15 minutes. Relax.

7. Get organized. I just love the “Container Store”. A tantalizing array of boxes, baskets, cabinets, files, hooks, for just about everything. A cluttered desk could end up being a cluttered office over time. You know where this leads!

8. Go on a real vacation. Remember, resolution #6? Try a long weekend, or more like a week or 10 days. I know this is tough. And, you have to leave or set aside your cell and computer. No calls to clients! Only in an emergency can you use these two hi-tech devices.

9. Make regular appointments with your PR counselor. This one is for all you clients. Many times these meetings only occur during a crisis or in the “8th inning.” When the problem, program or issue is so far along that you think only a public relations expert can possibly figure a way out. That means an emergency timeline and much more $$.

10. Take on a cause you care about. The list is endless. What meets your soul? Here’s one we like, Charitable Treasures Workshop. You will feel good about helping. Your attitude will remain positive and you are very likely to keep the other nine resolutions — all new ideas — throughout the year because of the smile and sense of accomplishment!

Have a great Fall!

Pricing Marketing Services and Products

By, Michael B. Perini, ABC

I can’t tell you how many potential clients have no PR/marketing budgets or strongly believe that spending $$$ on professional PR/marketing is expensive; a cost rather than investment for their business.  Well, let’s just see.  Here is some shocking facts for all those non-believers.

A list of 12 comparisons among common consumer products and services.

  • Facebook Page = what is cheaper than free?
  • Website = cheaper than the average of 3 car payments.
  • Business Marketing plan = cheaper than a lightweight road bike.
  • News release about your business = cheaper than a pair of running shoes.
  • YouTube business video = cheaper than a canister vacuum.
  • Banner = cheaper than 2 pairs of your favorite wedge or slip-on Croc shoes.
  • Business Logo = cheaper than two hours with your plumber.
  • Social Media = cheaper than any form of advertising today. Reach over 1,000 people for less than $1.
  • Musical jingle = cheaper than a bachelor party weekend.
  • Radio personality at your event = cheaper than upgrading to a new smart phone.
  • 200,000 new encounters in 20 minutes = cheaper than a oil change.
  • Marketing consultant = cheaper than a divorce lawyer!

We understand your marketing program is a balancing act. So, why not take control with smart, cost-efficient business building marketing strategies?

Call or come in for a free one-on-one consult from a PR/marketing professional.


KRDO News Radio Segments 3 and 4

By Michael Perini, ABC

Recently, I was asked to share news, events and marketing tips on radio.  We are happy to announce that our first segments are airing during the morning drive.  Monday and Wednesday.  6:40 a.m.  105.5 FM  1240 AM.

KRDO – Who We Are:

In 1947 KRDO-AM signed on the air for the first time.  In 1993, KRDO-FM signed on the air.  In August of 2006, KRDO-AM/FM joined forces and became a leader in the News/Talk Format.  We have teamed up with KRDO-News Channel 13 to bring our listeners the very latest in News, Weather and Sports along with talk favorites like Dave Ramsey, Sean Hannity, Clark Howard and George Noory.  We are the home of Colorado College Hockey. We have in depth coverage of the National Football League.  We are the Official Radio Station of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.  We are a powerhouse in the Pikes Peak Region.

KRDO has a powerful reach! At KRDO their on air signal is sumulcast on 105.5FM and 1240AM reaching a large demographic area from Monument to Walsenburg; into the autos, homes and offices of your potential customers! KRDO News Radio is also broadcast live on their web site KRDO.com.  Finally, they have applications for most handheld mobile devices.

Take a listen: