Playing a role in our community can be good for business.  In a competitive professional environment, potential customers tend to do business with those companies that demonstrate social responsibility.

Here are a few ideas we have learned from our community engagement that you can apply to your own business.  Remember, it’s all about creating goodwill (and good karma):

  1. Take an active interest in community issues.From the continued tourism challenges to the downtown planned development options to attract new businesses to Woodland Park and the Teller County area.
  2. Sponsor youth activities. There are many activities to choose from. Baseball. Volleyball. Music. Theatre. Take a group photo and hang it on your office wall. Sponsoring youth activities will make you feel good while at the same time sending a signal that your business cares about the future generation.
  3. Participate in local government. Business leaders can volunteer to share their expertise on various city and/or county committees. Opportunities are posted on the City of Woodland Park website at and for Teller County at
  4. Join and/or present to business and service groups. Membership in local organizations can really help sell your products and services by showcasing your knowledge and relationship building skills. Offer to make a 10-15-minute presentation. Public speaking is a great way to network. Make sure you bring business cards.
  5. Purchase materials and supplies from local companies. “Shop Local” is a true call to action. What we need to do is to apply it to our daily routine. Demonstrating your support to spend your resources locally opens up a world of return business.
  6. Support local charities and take part in civic activities. Sponsor a fundraising dinner or event, like a bike race or parade. Get involved with Keep Woodland Park Beautiful’s annual City Cleanup. From there, you gain exposure for your business and you show that you care to make the community a better place to live and work.
  7. 7. Recognize your employees for community volunteer activities. Review your community engagement plan each year with the goal of building off past successes.

Involvement in the community is a great step to becoming a respected leader, as well as building customer loyalty for the long term.

(Note:  Article first appeared in Woodland Park Living, March 2020  I  Michael B Perini, ABC, is president of Perini & Associates, a full-service public relations and marketing firm since 2009 based in Woodland Park.  Reach him at