by Michael Perini, ABC
Perini & Associates

Cute redhair dachshund with camera is among the photos

I first blogged this topic in 2013 and still believe today that we remain in a new and ever-changing age of photography.

With the continual evolution of both stand-alone digital cameras and new models of smartphones coming out for the holidays, by gosh, there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight of this technological revolution!

The number of photos that you and I take in a year has gone through the roof.  In fact, in a recent study by The Conversation, it was claimed that as many as I TRILLION photos were taken in 2018.

Here are couple of other interesting facts.

  • 95 million photos and videos are uploaded to Instagram every day!
  • As for Facebook, 250 billion is the total number of photos you will find.

So, the answer to my question, is “Yes”.  Photos are still necessary as “currency”.  For you wanting to use photos in your business to attract customers then that photo must be special.  Picture this in your mind.  A photo with two small dogs.  Wearing funny hats and dark sunglasses.  I would offer up to you that this photo has more than a  bark! This photo generates emotions and questions.

“Aren’t they cute!”

“Where’s the red carpet?”

“How’d they get them to sit still?”

“Are those prescription specs?”

This photo of these trendy dogs begs viewers to want to know more.

Animals with Style!

In the public relations and marketing world having photos that communicate like this one are key to the success of your business, nonprofit or special event.

What makes a great photo; in a nutshell a great photo is one that helps tell your message.  Here are several factors that I always remembered when selecting photos for clients:

Wow factor! There is so much competition for your personal attention. Again, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. If we are to be successful and capture your time and attention, then we need to show an image that has that “wow” factor. Immediate reaction…positive or negative, depending on your objective…is what you need to look for.

BRIGHT is right. The image needs to be visible. By that I mean a photo that expresses an emotion, view or drives you to action. A lot of vivid colors work for me and drive me to action.

Mystery with a +. The image should leave you wanting more. This photo does that for me. You?

I think this topic of photos for business is one that we need to come back to.

Bottomline is:  If you want your photo to get noticed…then you need to get creative.

We would really like to hear your comments about photography.   Here are several examples of great ones!