To answer this question, we must first investigate what digital marketing really is and its current impact on businesses today. Digital marketing in and of itself is a tool to use to get the word out so to speak on the who, what, where’s and other basic details of a business. 

Once someone knows the basic details, digital marketing takes their audience quickly to the next level to provide much needed content such as videos, links to social media sites, and updated posts on all that is happening including events and other ways to include the audience in the current business activities, and special sales on products or services offered. 

Often there are opportunities for patrons, customers, and/or consumers to comment on a particular business or give feedback such as star ratings or general suggestions on how the business could be better.  A lot of times this can draw negative attention to the business if complaints are expressed online, however, there are often positive effects as well when happy customers take the time to rate and comment.

Whether or not a business wants to invest in digital marketing is totally at their discretion, but the fact that many people are being forced to face today is that we now live in a very digital world. If a business decides not to participate it does not exempt them from being discussed or even negatively impacted online.

Facebook as we know is not only a business platform and many people on personal Facebook pages are highly expressive on their latest favorite or what they view as a terrible product or service.  A business owner who chooses not to engage online does not help themselves to get new customers or restore their sometimes ruined reputation by a few negative comments made on social media sites.

So, is it worth to invest in digital marketing? The answer to that question is entirely up to you.  Perini & Associates’ consensus? The answer is always: absolutely!

Source: Melissa Batey, perini & associates.

Holding a B.A. in Public Relations from Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN, Melissa began her professional experience at Word Records and McClain Public Relations.  Having supported and represented a wide variety of clients, she enjoys creating special projects, activities, and events to promote and foster relationships between clients and their respective communities.