PR FIRM! Really?

by Michael Perini, ABC
perini & associates

I know it might sound strange, coming from an owner of a PR firm, but I am often asked, “Why does my business and/or issue need your services?”

I often hear this from small businesses just starting out who think they don’t need or can’t afford PR or marketing.  And, I have had long time organizations often want an answer to this question as well. I think we can thank all of that desktop publishing software and corner copy shops for making our services in the industry appear that anyone can do this!  Not!

Having experience, both as a PR practitioner and as a client, I can understand the value of having good PR and marketing advice and counsel.

From my experiences, here are several reasons why someone should hire an outside PR agency. I would surely like to hear your thoughts, so please comment.

1. It’s not a hill that you climb and then hike down! You know those trails that you look forward to exercising on and getting that selfie photo at the top? You do it once and think that’s it…I have seen the view!! PR is like a continuous lap similar to what our Indy or NASCAR friends’ experience. Once you get started you need to continue going and you need a “crew chief” – or PR expert — to provide you with guidance about the other drivers while helping you stay in your lane, out of trouble and win the race!! GREEN! GREEN! GREEN!

2. On the rocket pad. When you start a new product or service you need to have a strong plan and an even stronger launch. PR and marketing  are integrated approaches across the many disciplines ensuring maximum altitude for your business or issue. It’s not about a press release or having a tent sale. A system wide approach by an expert will make sure your product, service or issue takes off while you and your organization are still on the ground.

3. Where do you stand in line? Success today in this instant information world is often measured by relationships. From family and friends. To customers and competition. You want to be at the front of the line and a professional communicator knows how to get you there by developing a strategy that meets your needs while moving you up! Relationships and the quality of them are very important in this techno world we now find ourselves in. That smile can often do more than all the glitz you can muster.