by Michael Perini, ABC
perini & associates

Below are the ten best public relations and marketing idea.  Read more!

Are you planning to make any resolutions for your business or nonprofit?

Did you know that more than 75 percent of people who make resolutions abandon them within months, according to Sharon Liao, SHAPE magazine.

So, let’s try a new tack. Let’s agree to make and stick to our “second” list of resolutions by focusing on ideas that will help your public relations skills and interests. What’s good for you will also be good for your business, activity or issue. I would like to hear from you but try these on for size:

1. Hit the slopes! Or, the surf, or the trail or the fitness center. It’s a long year and now is the time to get yourself ready for a busy time. Being in physical shape enhances what we bring to the mental game with the client, the media or having the energy to work a community event for 12 hours — you name it!

2. Start a new hobby. It isn’t always about business. I find that I need something totally unrelated to my normal routine. What’s it for me? Skiing down a blue/black diamond slope. The planning, pace and skill are also tools I use to be successful in public relations and marketing. So, go back to #1!

3. Actually use a slide rule. Ok maybe not, unless you are an engineer! My point is to stretch yourself; get outside your comfort zone. Learn something new. Taking this step will also help you maintain the creative energy that you’ll need when working in business, or on an issue or activity.

4. Buy something. New or used. We all know where the economy is. So get out there and help your fellow businessperson. I need a new coffee pot for the office. See you at the store!

5. Go to a movie. Watching an action thriller on a big (really big) screen with speakers above and surround sound is almost an unearthly experience anymore. Yes, you can get that movie on DVD or downloaded to your computer or phone, but seeing the film in a large format is something that will make your day and should bring back to the office some really BIG ideas!

6. Take a break. Now. 15 minutes. Relax.

7. Get organized. I just love the “Container Store”. A tantalizing array of boxes, baskets, cabinets, files, hooks, for just about everything. A cluttered desk could end up being a cluttered office over time. You know where this leads!

8. Go on a real vacation. Remember, resolution #6? Try a long weekend, or more like a week or 10 days. I know this is tough. And, you have to leave or set aside your cell and computer. No calls to clients! Only in an emergency can you use these two hi-tech devices.

9. Make regular appointments with your PR counselor. This one is for all you clients. Many times these meetings only occur during a crisis or in the “8th inning.” When the problem, program or issue is so far along that you think only a public relations expert can possibly figure a way out. That means an emergency timeline and much more $$.

10. Take on a cause you care about. The list is endless. What meets your soul? Here’s one we like, Charitable Treasures Workshop. You will feel good about helping. Your attitude will remain positive and you are very likely to keep the other nine resolutions — all new ideas — throughout the year because of the smile and sense of accomplishment!

Have a great Fall!