by Michael B. Perini, ABC
perini & associates


Purpose of the video is to highlight the value of this critical nonprofit to the community. These are real stories to showcase how and why Community Partnership, located in Colorado, makes a difference.

BACKGROUND: In 1992 community leaders established the Community Partnership Family Resource Center (CPFRC) as an organization dedicated to providing needed programs for families and children, strong leadership, collaboration among similar agencies, and information sharing opportunities within Teller County.

CPFRC has taken a leading role in recognizing the challenges brought on by rapid growth due in part by the initiation of limited stakes gaming in 1991, and the increased gaming limits, operating hours and games authorized within Teller County as of July 1, 2009.

CPFRC has also been instrumental in establishing and supporting human services not being met or addressed by a stressed county government and overburdened school districts.

“We work closely with local agencies to help fill gaps identified within our community and partners with several other agencies to provide needed programs when possible or to support the efforts of others to ensure unduplicated services,” Jodi Mijares, Executive Director.

“Our philosophy is to provide tools, skills and enrichment activities which strengthen families,” she said.


All Teller County families are self-reliant, fully functional, and positive contributors to our community.

video produced by: perini & associates; a full service public relations and marketing firm. First public showing at Taste of Teller event October 3, 2014.