Worth reading or viewing

Worth reading or viewing

Occasionally, I will recommend a  news article, book, blog post, research or a short video clip to view relating to public relations, marketing, organizational communication and business development.

This “eperini Readview” references a polygon.com article relating to the history of video games.   Tell us about your first video game–mbp


“Video games aren’t made to last.

The vast majority of floppy discs aren’t readable by today’s computers. Hardly a year goes by before another online game disconnects its servers, closing its doors to faithful players. Small teams of independent developers release their titles on digital marketplaces without any physical copies to accompany them.


In a digital age where data erodes faster than it can be stored, the collected creativity of thousands of developers could someday be lost for good — unless we find a way to preserve it.

To most people, history means looking to the past. But to the researchers and archivists at the International Center for the History of Electronic Games, history means opening their eyes to watch it unfold all around them.

They’re analyzing. Researching. Taking it all in. They’re recording it as they go. They’re creating a library — half physical, half digital — to chronicle the ongoing evolution of video games.

The men and women of the ICHEG are hard at work. The process is anything but stable. But they’re learning as they go, adapting with the project, going with the flow.

And it’s a lot harder than they thought it would be…”  Read more