Don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach when sharing news on social media.

Below are excellent tips that we also use for our clients.

Source:  PR Web  “The Connection”


The different features and formats of each social network create unique expectations and forms for content. Rather than cut and paste, tell the same story in platform-specific ways to generate the best results on each network.


Facebook is a storytelling medium. To drive the most engagement, connect with readers. This could be by making them laugh, teaching them something new or giving them a sense of brand ownership.

Facebook has had a growing emphasis on visuals. Include both text and pictures in your posts. High-resolution pictures of your products and services, team members or your customers can all can be effective in engaging readers. You can also embed short videos, which are ideal for demos and interviews. Use text to provide context and encourage reader feedback.


With a 140-character limit, news delivered via Twitter must be clear, engaging and to the point. Quickly communicate value by positioning your news as a list or a how-to, e.g. “Five Strategies for XYZ.”

GrungySocialMediaLook at hashtags that are “trending” (located to the left of your Twitter feed). If one relates to your story, include it in your tweet for increased reach. If you’re hosting a conference or online event, create an event-specific hashtag for attendees to tweet in real time.


LinkedIn’s professional focus makes it the ideal channel to share industry and trade news, new talent, new products and services, and online news releases.

LinkedIn allows companies to target status updates for specific audiences, ensuring your news gets in front of relevant stakeholders. You can also embed videos and graphics to make your news more interactive and engaging

Don’t blast out your news without taking the time to optimize it for your company’s social channels. The extra effort will generate more customer engagement, and in turn, a boost to your bottom line.