By Michael B. Perini, ABC
perini & associates

I often have clients that only want to use marketing and promotional tools that are FREE!

Well, that’s great for some activities and events to gain awareness and attendance but cannot always be counted on as the major method for moving target audiences.

So, what is the role of advertising?  The easy answer, according to The Media Center, is that “advertising helps sell a product or service.”

Beyond that, advertising can reinforce a company’s marketing efforts by providing information to customers and the marketplace while creating and enhancing a company’s identity and image.

Here is a list of marketing, information and identify/image reasons to consider:

Marketing Reasons:

  • Advertising enables you to hold onto existing customers
  • Advertising enables you to reach new customers
  • Advertising gives you an advantage over competitors who have stopped advertising
  • Advertising gives you long-term advantage over competitors who cut back or cancel their advertising.

Information Reasons

  • Advertising reaches your customers regardless of their reading, listening and viewing habits
  • Advertising creates long-term memory
  • Advertising helps customers decide
  • Advertising keeps your business top of mind

Identity/Image Reasons

  • Advertising strengthens your identity
  • Advertising keeps a healthy and positive image of your company
  • Advertising maintains morale
  • Advertising improves your business’ image

Remember, people won’t know you’re out there unless your get the word out.  Continual advertising builds awareness and trust in your company.  Look, people forget and they forget fast.  They are bombarded with messages, an estimated 2,700 a day.  The more impressions you make, the longer people will remember your ad and your company.

So much for the science.  The art is figuring out where to advertise and when.  We will discuss that in a future post.