by Michael B. Perini, ABC
perini & associates

Pricing Marketing ServicesI can’t tell you how many potential clients have no marketing budgets or strongly believe that spending $$$ on marketing is expensive; a cost rather than an investment for their business.

Well, let’s just see.  Here is some shocking news for all you non-believers.

A list of 12 comparisons among common consumer products and services:

  1. Facebook Page = what is cheaper than free?
  2. Website = cheaper than a copy of your favorite magazines.
  3. Business Marketing plan = cheaper than a lightweight road bike.
  4. News release about your business = cheaper than a pair of running shoes.
  5. YouTube business video = cheaper than a canister vacuum.
  6. Banner = cheaper than 2 pairs of your favorite wedge or slip-on Croc shoes.
  7. Business Logo = cheaper than two hours with your plumber.
  8. TV ad = cheaper than a set of four used tires and will go farther.
  9. Musical jingle = cheaper than a bachelor party weekend.
  10. Radio personality at your event = cheaper than upgrading to a new smart phone.
  11. 200,000 new encounters in 20  minutes = cheaper than a oil change.
  12. Marketing consultant = cheaper than a divorce lawyer!

We understand your marketing program is a balancing act. So, why not take control with smart, cost-efficient  business building marketing strategies?  Call or come in for a free one-on-one consult from a PR/marketing professional.