by Michael Perini, ABC
perini & associates

When people hear the name of your business or nonprofit, they conjure up a set of impressions.  These thoughts influence how they think, act and buy.

Try this:  Think Levi.  Mercedes. Apple. Ford.  Perini & Associates.

Those mental images that you are seeing define their brand. YOUR  brand resides in your customer’s mind as a result of  ALL the impressions made from “touch points” or encounters with your name, your logo, your marketing messages, and everything else that people see and hear about your business and/or nonprofit.  We believe that a customer must experience 7 touch points before any action takes place.  Action being a decision to support or purchase, for example.

Something as basic as your business or nonprofit address contributes to how your brand is perceived.   For example, a recent client had “609” in their business name.  Doing so provided a mental image of mystery and wonder.  It was really numbers associated with their physical street address.  My point here is that every time someone walks into your business and looks around, visits your Web site, posts on your Facebook page, meets a staff member, or glances at a broadcast or hears a radio ad, that person is forming impressions that leads to a mind-set about your business and/or nonprofit.

You can be a powerful brand by remembering these guidelines  All which we agree with fellow marketing experts:

  • Knowing the brand image that you want to project
  • Having commitment and discipline to project your brand well
  • Spending what’s necessary to get your message to your target market
  • Managing your marketing so that it makes a consistent impression that etches your desired brand image into the mind of your target prospect

Remember, consistency builds brands.  So make sure you have a consistent look about your brand, project a consistent tone in all communications and for darn sure be sure you are consistent in your products and services.

Brand is everything.  Polish it.  Guard it.  Never let it out of your view.

Rebuilding a tarnished brand is expensive and risky.  So, protect and project your brand in the marketplace.