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Occasionally, I will recommend a  news article, book, blog post, research or a short video clip to view relating to public relations. This “eperini Readview” references a MACWORLD article reprint from PCWorld.com about how smartphones are hurting consumers–mbp

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by Ginny Miles, PCWorld

You just got the latest and greatest smartphone—one with a gigantic display and a dual-core processor. For three months, you’re the happiest geek in town. Then an almost identical phone comes out, for the same price, but with a quadcore processor and an even bigger display. Oh, and it’s a 4G LTE phone. Now, your 4G HSPA+ phone on the same network feels like a piece of garbage. And you’re stuck with it for nearly two years—and maybe even longer because now you’re afraid of falling into the same upgrade trap. Sound familiar?

Last year, new phones seemed to be coming out every week. Perhaps the worst case of upgrade insanity involved the Motorola Droid Razr. Back in November, it was one of the hottest phones on Verizon. But it had one big issue: battery life. Over 3G and Wi-Fi, the battery lasted a reasonable amount of time. But over 4G, games killed the battery; and during my hands-on testing, when I streamed a video clip longer than 5 minutes, I saw significant loss of battery life.

Still, customers seemed pretty happy with everything else about the phone, and it sold like hotcakes.  Read more