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Online video is the fastest growing medium. It’s going to be how we communicate. “pclips,” a new series captures the best examples of public relations humor, information and education.


From 13th Way, a video that conveys a unique spectacle oriented experience.  The approach is an excellent example of dramatically effecting the audience; their attitudes toward a topic or brand.


PAST “pclips”

Compilation of reporters getting owned — Watch Video

Funny Interview Gone Wrong with Western Cowboy – Watch Video

Benefits of social media– Public relations – Watch Video

Advice from a ROBOT — What is Public Relations? – Watch Video

What is PR — the life of a PR person –  Watch Video

BBC News 24 bloopers – Watch Video

Believability – Watch Video

Gestures — the importance of nonverbal communication – Watch Video

“PR Guy” saves the day! – Watch Video

The evolution of PR – Watch Video

PR vs Journalism (Mac/PC spoof).  Video pauses between each segment so stay with it to “learn” the differences... – Watch Video

What is Public Relations?  The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit – Watch Video

Crisis management.  12 o’clock high. Watch Video

The ceremony is called Retreat and happens on every US military post in the world at the end of the day when the flag is lowered for the night. While performing for the troops during the holidays at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait every soldier, sailor, airman and Marine suddenly stopped laughing, stood up and turned away from RobinWilliams.   Talk about public relations and education. – Watch Video.

Public complaints – Absolute Power (BBC comedy) – Watch Video

PR Professional of the Future – Watch Video

Publicity…that’s what you need! – Watch Video

Media relations screw up – Watch Video

What is PR? Man-on-the-street interviews Part 1 – Watch Video

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