As we move into our third year of business – it’s not lost on me that our clients have made our company successful!  My associates and I deeply appreciate you trust and loyalty.  I have included the logos from our 2011 clients below.

For our supportive readers and those of you who summit comments to this blog — WOW! When I started blogging two years ago I could not have imagined that I would have grown such a super group of followers.  We have nearly 1000 of  you who follow us monthly and I have posted nearly 1,500 comments.  Again, thanks for your time and commitment.

As a result of the interest to our posts, we have started posting videos and other articles by industry experts.  You will find these items in pclips and ePeriniReadview.

I am very interested in hearing from you as to what you would like for me to discuss during 2012.  So, please share.  Tell others about the value of the blog(s) to your business, special event or issue.

For prospective clients, we ask that you check us out.  We are a full service public

relations firm ready to help business owners — small or large; event organizers; non-profits; local, state and federal agencies.  We have the experience. We are creative.  I promise that we will listen to you!

I believe that 2012 will continue a growing trend for faster and more value-added communications.  As a result, more specialized public relations and marketing methods are required to be successful in maintaining andenhancing relationships.  Public relations needs to be more personal.  Focused.  Cross integrated with traditional approaches.  We can successfully chart a course for you during this difficult time.

Let us take public relations to new levels in the New Year!


Michael Perini, ABC
Perini & Associates

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