Perini & Associates announces Commercial 2, a new series of video spots. “The purpose of these spots is to showcase the power of video in engaging in conversation,” said Michael Perini, owner.

According to recent research of people who surf the internet, 83% of the time video is the medium most searched. “When individuals are looking to how to do something, or how to support something, or buy something seeing a video often is the reason for making a decision,” Perini said.

“There is an art in matching visuals, music and drama to create excitement and draw viewers into taking action,” Perini said.

“pClips” is already a popular section on the website and company Facebook page. “Adding a series of interesting commercials that can be viewed on Youtube and on television was the right step in leading by example for current clients and potential ones,” Perini said.

Elevate Films was chosen to mark all videos produced by Perini & Associates and reflects the branding campaign in Woodland Park, Colorado, heaquarters of the company.

“We would like to hear your comments about this video. And, any ideas you might have for future updates,” Perini said.