Online video is the fastest growing medium. It’s going to be how we communicate. New series captures the best examples of public relations humor, information and education.

"pclips" a new video series about public relations

A new series of online videos, titled “pclips” debuts this week initially on the Perini & Associates facebook page and then later on the company website, according to Michael Perini, company founder.

“Online video has seen tremendous growth in recent years,” Perini said.  “We wanted to use this medium to help inform, educate and yes even laugh at the public relations discipline,” he said.

Video is being produced for internal communications, training, social media, events, marketing, online advertising, contests, media relations, external communications, awareness, education, and reports, according to industry sources.

Video clips will be selected from the internet and posted on the company’s facebook page weekly.  Producers can also email their public relations-related videos to”  “Eventually we will produce our own clips,” Perini said.

Why this new effort now?  “People react more to visuals than text and we need to use this human characteristic to engage with current clients, company fans and potential customers,” he said. “We  have been building our company during the past year and I thought the time was finally right to go to the next level in demonstrating our ability to use this powerful medium of influence,” Perini said.

The first video posts this week and will be followed by a mix of content found from a variety of sources.  “Our picking an online video will increase viewership for the producer as well as showcase some of the best and worst public relations practices,” he said.  “Using these video case studies we will reinforce what we tell clients about how to tell and not tell their story.”

“In the end it’s all about being able to engage and online videos are the new “handshake” for our society,” he said.

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