Perini & Associates, a public relations firm based in Colorado, has developed  a  tool to assist managers of organizations, events and issues with determining public relations requirements.

The new assessment tool provides the company executive, event coordinator, or issues advocate with a roadmap designed to integrate public relations practices — top to bottom — for success.

"Cat" -- PR assessment for the rest of us

There are three tools available:

  • Organization-CAT
  • Issue-CAT
  • Event- CAT

Each Communication Assessment Tool (CAT) is useful in analyzing the communications environment within an organization, event or issue.  The tool works for start-ups, non-profits and businesses of all sizes.  CAT is also very useful for the volunteer leader attempting to set up an event or activity.

“It really is the tool for the rest of us,” said Michael Perini, owner of Perini & Associates.

“It ‘s not ‘one stop shopping’ for successful public relations anymore and this tool combines strategies, capabilities and tactics,” said Perini.

Perini & Associates experience is what makes this assessment tool so valuable.   The experience of more than 30 years in the PR field by  Perini an then adding the company’s experienced associate team to the assessment process is the difference.

Most often, analyzing the benefits of PR integration has been subjective and haphazard at best. From a client’s perspective, they don’t often go through a rigid analysis.  Why?  “They think they understand PR because they have a website or have written a press release,” Perini said.  “The results of this tool allows focus and synergy,” he said.

Also, there has been limited available resources that understand and have been able to articulate the need for such a useful service.  “We view PR as a strategic management function, responsible for listening to the customer or supporter and the employees or volunteers and helping management make decisions based on what all these ‘audiences’ think,” Perini said.

Once a client agrees to the assessment, Perini & Associates selects the proper tool, i.e., O-CAT, I-CAT OR E-CAT.   “First, we meet with the senior person for the organization, event or issue,”  Perini said.  “Then we use our tool to establish the current communications environment from top to bottom.  A series of questions forms the basis of each assessment tool and a confidential report is provided with recommended steps to better integrate PR,” he said.

Public relations firms serve as a combination of communications counselor, navigator, and interpreter. “By taking advantage of every available channel, working with the client and understanding the target audience outcomes can be transformative,” Perini said.

Below is a list of important areas reviewed using the CAT:

Strategic Communications Services

Reputation/Relationship Management

Access Services

Business Development/Branding/Sponsorship

Government Affairs

Public Affairs

Minority/Multicultural Relations

Message Development

Direct Marketing

Event and Seminars

Issue/Crisis Communications

Media Relations

Executive Media Training

Writing Services

Community Relations

Speeches and Presentations

Employee Relations

Internet-based strategies

Website Design/Search/Assessment

Video Production

Legal Support

“The impact of such a tool will make a business more profitable, and event better attended and an issue better understood,” Perini said.

Perini & Associates determines up front the cost of the analysis, which is based on the scope,  size of the organization, event or issue and time allowed for the analysis.

To learn more about Perini & Associates and how we can help your company, event or issue please visit or email us at: