Giving Back To The Community

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perini & associates is very proud of efforts to help nonprofits with resources to include professional services and funding.

“Giving back is so important to us as a core competency to our business,”
— Michael B. Perini, ABC

Here is a list of just some of the organizations where we have assisted them in public relations and marketing:

Boy Scouts of America

Charitable Treasures Workshop


Community Church

Community Partnership

El Tesoro Retreat Center

Friends of Florissant Fossil Beds

Habitat to Humanity of Teller County


Help The Needy

Holiday Home Tour

Honorary Deputy Sheriff’s Association

Living Streams Church

National Homeland Defense Foundation

Pikes Peak Regional Medical Association

Rampart Library District Foundation

Teens With Promise

UTE Pass Symphony Guild

Victor Youth Hockey

Wild Blue Animal Rescue & Sanctuary

Woodland Park Senior Citizens Club



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Clients! Interns! Let’s Talk To Perini & Associates

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We are building our client list for 2014
We still have room in our company portfolio.  From start-ups to non-profit; from individuals to successful organizations.  Let’s talk, as we can guide you to success.Intern services?  You bet!  If you would like to join our team please let me know by contacting our Customer Service representative at:  customer

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Second in Series of Public Relations Commercials – Perini & Associates

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Perini & Associates announces Commercial 2, a new series of video spots. “The purpose of these spots is to showcase the power of video in engaging in conversation,” said Michael Perini, owner.

According to recent research of people who surf the internet, 83% of the time video is the medium most searched. “When individuals are looking to how to do something, or how to support something, or buy something seeing a video often is the reason for making a decision,” Perini said.

“There is an art in matching visuals, music and drama to create excitement and draw viewers into taking action,” Perini said.

“pClips” is already a popular section on the website and company Facebook page. “Adding a series of interesting commercials that can be viewed on Youtube and on television was the right step in leading by example for current clients and potential ones,” Perini said.

Elevate Films was chosen to mark all videos produced by Perini & Associates and reflects the branding campaign in Woodland Park, Colorado, heaquarters of the company.

“We would like to hear your comments about this video. And, any ideas you might have for future updates,” Perini said.

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Gratitude. Trust. Patriotism. Why Not Buy Veteran?

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We are a Veteran Owned Business

by Michael B. Perini, ABC
perini & Associates

Buy Veteran is a national campaign spearheaded by the National Veteran-Owned Business Association (NaVOBA) to bring the success and momentum of the National Veteran Business Movement to all of America’s 3 million veteran-owned businesses.

In 1999, the federal government passed Public Law 106-50 that set a mandate to award 3 percent of all federal contract and subcontract dollars to service-disabled veteran-owned businesses.

In addition, nearly 15 percent of FORTUNE® 1000 companies set goals to include veteran-owned businesses in their supply chains as part of their supplier diversity programs.

Recent nationwide polling revealed that it’s not just the government and large corporations that want to Buy Veteran – the average American consumer wants to Buy Veteran too! In fact, two-thirds of respondents said they’d rather purchase from a veteran-owned business than a non veteran-owned business.

This is where the Buy Veteran campaign comes in. Buy Veteran lets everyday, Main Street, consumer-facing veteran-owned businesses in every city and small town in America capitalize on the trust and gratitude to help their businesses grow.

Perini & Associates is a veteran-owned business.  I am proud of my 30 years in the United States Air Force.  That experience has taught me leadership and what it takes to provide timely advice and council at the highest standards.

The message is simple: “Hey America”, you trust veterans and want to thank them for bravely serving our country? Then support the 3 million American businesses owned by military veterans. Buy Veteran.”

A recent nationwide poll revealed that 95 percent of American consumers feel a sense of gratitude toward veterans and two-thirds said they’d be more likely to buy from veteran-owned businesses. Americans trust veterans who trained under a strong code of ethics.

The American people want to “thank” veterans, not “donate” to them. Big difference.

Eat at a veteran-owned restaurant. Let a veteran-owned contractor remodel your house. Hire a veteran-owned tax preparer or lawyer. Drop off your laundry at a veteran-owned drycleaner. And, when you need public relations/marketing advice find a veteran-owned firm.  It’s good business. And it’s good for our economy.

You can easily tell a veteran-owned  business when you see this badge —  pictured here in this post and on the front page of the website — on display in the most obvious location on a storefront so passers-by and all  customers will know they can trust that business because it is veteran-owned.

Buy American. Buy Local. Now Buy Veteran.



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Looking Toward 2011

Posted in Advice and Counsel, Business Development, PR Firm, Public Relations News on December 30th, 2010 by M.Perini

As we move into our second year of business — it’s not lost on me that our clients have made our company successful!  My associates and I deeply appreciate you trust and loyalty.  I have included the logos from our 2010 clients below.

For our supportive readers and those of you who summit comments to this blog — WOW! When I started blogging one year ago I could not have imagined that I would have grown such a super group of followers.  We have nearly 500 of  you who follow us monthly and I have posted nearly 1,000 comments.  Again, thanks for your time and commitment.

As a result of the interest to our posts, we have started a second blog on “tumblr.” the fastest growing site for blogging. You will find different items so please try us out.  Can’t wait?  Click here for a preview! I am very interested in hearing from you as to what you would like for me to discuss during 2011.  So, please share.  Tell others about the value of the blog(s) to your business, event or issue.

For prospective clients, we ask that you check us out.  We are a full service public relations firm ready to help event organizers;  businesses, small or large; non-profits; local, state and federal agencies.  We have the experience. We are creative.  I promise that we will listen to you!

I believe that 2011 will continue a growing trend for faster and more value-added communications.  As a result, more specialized communication methods are required to be successful in maintaining and enhancing relationships.  Public relations needs to be more personal.  Focused.  Cross integrated with traditional approaches.  We can successfully chart a course for you during this difficult time.

Let us take public relations to new levels in the New Year!


Michael Perini, ABC
Perini & Associates

A Salute to our 2010 Clients -- thanks!

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pclips: Online Video Series

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Online video is the fastest growing medium. It’s going to be how we communicate. New series captures the best examples of public relations humor, information and education.

"pclips" a new video series about public relations

A new series of online videos, titled “pclips” debuts this week initially on the Perini & Associates facebook page and then later on the company website, according to Michael Perini, company founder.

“Online video has seen tremendous growth in recent years,” Perini said.  “We wanted to use this medium to help inform, educate and yes even laugh at the public relations discipline,” he said.

Video is being produced for internal communications, training, social media, events, marketing, online advertising, contests, media relations, external communications, awareness, education, and reports, according to industry sources.

Video clips will be selected from the internet and posted on the company’s facebook page weekly.  Producers can also email their public relations-related videos to”  “Eventually we will produce our own clips,” Perini said.

Why this new effort now?  “People react more to visuals than text and we need to use this human characteristic to engage with current clients, company fans and potential customers,” he said. “We  have been building our company during the past year and I thought the time was finally right to go to the next level in demonstrating our ability to use this powerful medium of influence,” Perini said.

The first video posts this week and will be followed by a mix of content found from a variety of sources.  “Our picking an online video will increase viewership for the producer as well as showcase some of the best and worst public relations practices,” he said.  “Using these video case studies we will reinforce what we tell clients about how to tell and not tell their story.”

“In the end it’s all about being able to engage and online videos are the new “handshake” for our society,” he said.

# # #

About Perini & Associates: We provide world class public relations counsel based on years of experience, satisfied clients and innovative approaches that produce results. We know it’s a tough time but now more than ever you need to manage conversations. Let’s reach new levels!

For more information:

On facebook: …

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Public Relations Should Not Be Scary

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PR should not be scary

by Michael B. Perini, ABC
perini & associates

With the Halloween holiday around the corner and those creepy spiders crawling up walls everywhere, I thought a post on what makes public relations scary for many a perfect fit for this weekly post.

Yes, believe it or not, there are many business owners, adovacy gurus and event planners who, when they think about PR, run off and hide in the woods.  Or, a more frightening thought, decide to do the public relations work themselves.  SCREAM!

In the long run it’s cost effective to have a professional public relations consultant navigate through the cobwebs and darkness that often surround public relations.  Public Relations won’t be scary if you are mindful of the following potential horrors and take steps to avoid them:

1.  You want to run your own business: Not your publicity campaign.  You really do not have the time or expertise to put your product or service into the appropriate target audience(s).  You really can not do it all when it comes to developing a public relations strategy followed up with effective tools.

2.   There are many ins and outs to pitching the media: You can hurt your business, your reputation or issue support by using a haphazard approach. So, let someone who has built relationships with the media take this work on.

3.  What you really need is a new perspective: A consultant who lives and breathes public relations can see your business, event or issue in a new light. Too be honest you really don’t have a “fence” around all ideas.  Let a new set of eyes help you work smart.

4.  Need to save money? Most small to midized businesses find that having an outside public relations consultant is far less of an investment than hiring in house.  You simply pay to enact a program and thus you save those employee costs.  Now, I bet your accountant will like those pumpkins!!

5.  Sales down.  Business slow: The prescription is usually developing a marketing plan, updating the website, establishing an outreach program, creating lists to call on, finding “fans” to share the story.  Multiple touch points in a sustained manner is critical to protect the brand and foster business.  Again, a PR consultant can take the fear out of this process.

So, this Halloween go out and find a public relations consultant.  One who is the right choice for you.  Remember, PR need not be scary, as spiders are to many, if someone is guiding you through the night.

Trick or treat!  Have fun.  Be safe.

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Perini & Associates on Facebook

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Find news and information related to public relations and Perini & Associates.

Become a FAN!

Check for updates on clients, trends and company events.

We are engaging in social media!  Come join us on facebook!

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News and Tips via “ePerini”

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HOT! ePerini Newsletter

Check it out!

Find all issues of the popular ePerini monthly newsletter with tips, news and information related to public relations!  Reputation Management. Public Affairs. Access Services.  Business Development.  Lots more!

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PR assessment for the rest of us: CAT

Posted in Advice and Counsel, PR Firm, Public Relations News, Research on August 26th, 2010 by M.Perini

Perini & Associates, a public relations firm based in Colorado, has developed  a  tool to assist managers of organizations, events and issues with determining public relations requirements.

The new assessment tool provides the company executive, event coordinator, or issues advocate with a roadmap designed to integrate public relations practices — top to bottom — for success.

"Cat" -- PR assessment for the rest of us

There are three tools available:

  • Organization-CAT
  • Issue-CAT
  • Event- CAT

Each Communication Assessment Tool (CAT) is useful in analyzing the communications environment within an organization, event or issue.  The tool works for start-ups, non-profits and businesses of all sizes.  CAT is also very useful for the volunteer leader attempting to set up an event or activity.

“It really is the tool for the rest of us,” said Michael Perini, owner of Perini & Associates.

“It ‘s not ‘one stop shopping’ for successful public relations anymore and this tool combines strategies, capabilities and tactics,” said Perini.

Perini & Associates experience is what makes this assessment tool so valuable.   The experience of more than 30 years in the PR field by  Perini an then adding the company’s experienced associate team to the assessment process is the difference.

Most often, analyzing the benefits of PR integration has been subjective and haphazard at best. From a client’s perspective, they don’t often go through a rigid analysis.  Why?  “They think they understand PR because they have a website or have written a press release,” Perini said.  “The results of this tool allows focus and synergy,” he said.

Also, there has been limited available resources that understand and have been able to articulate the need for such a useful service.  “We view PR as a strategic management function, responsible for listening to the customer or supporter and the employees or volunteers and helping management make decisions based on what all these ‘audiences’ think,” Perini said.

Once a client agrees to the assessment, Perini & Associates selects the proper tool, i.e., O-CAT, I-CAT OR E-CAT.   “First, we meet with the senior person for the organization, event or issue,”  Perini said.  “Then we use our tool to establish the current communications environment from top to bottom.  A series of questions forms the basis of each assessment tool and a confidential report is provided with recommended steps to better integrate PR,” he said.

Public relations firms serve as a combination of communications counselor, navigator, and interpreter. “By taking advantage of every available channel, working with the client and understanding the target audience outcomes can be transformative,” Perini said.

Below is a list of important areas reviewed using the CAT:

Strategic Communications Services

Reputation/Relationship Management

Access Services

Business Development/Branding/Sponsorship

Government Affairs

Public Affairs

Minority/Multicultural Relations

Message Development

Direct Marketing

Event and Seminars

Issue/Crisis Communications

Media Relations

Executive Media Training

Writing Services

Community Relations

Speeches and Presentations

Employee Relations

Internet-based strategies

Website Design/Search/Assessment

Video Production

Legal Support

“The impact of such a tool will make a business more profitable, and event better attended and an issue better understood,” Perini said.

Perini & Associates determines up front the cost of the analysis, which is based on the scope,  size of the organization, event or issue and time allowed for the analysis.

To learn more about Perini & Associates and how we can help your company, event or issue please visit or email us at:

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