Community Partnership: Informational Video

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by Michael B. Perini, ABC
perini & associates


Purpose of the video is to highlight the value of this critical nonprofit to the community. These are real stories to showcase how and why Community Partnership, located in Colorado, makes a difference.

BACKGROUND: In 1992 community leaders established the Community Partnership Family Resource Center (CPFRC) as an organization dedicated to providing needed programs for families and children, strong leadership, collaboration among similar agencies, and information sharing opportunities within Teller County.

CPFRC has taken a leading role in recognizing the challenges brought on by rapid growth due in part by the initiation of limited stakes gaming in 1991, and the increased gaming limits, operating hours and games authorized within Teller County as of July 1, 2009.

CPFRC has also been instrumental in establishing and supporting human services not being met or addressed by a stressed county government and overburdened school districts.

“We work closely with local agencies to help fill gaps identified within our community and partners with several other agencies to provide needed programs when possible or to support the efforts of others to ensure unduplicated services,” Jodi Mijares, Executive Director.

“Our philosophy is to provide tools, skills and enrichment activities which strengthen families,” she said.


All Teller County families are self-reliant, fully functional, and positive contributors to our community.

video produced by: perini & associates; a full service public relations and marketing firm. First public showing at Taste of Teller event October 3, 2014.



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Perini & Associates Sponsor for “A Fancy Feast”

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We were so proud to be a sponsor for this first class event to save animals. Especially in Black Forest, Colorado that was ravished by fire earlier this summer. What a wonderful time. A great cause!

Wild Blue was founded in 2010.  There mission is to save the precious lives of cats, dogs and horses who are abandoned, abused, displaced, neglected or surrendered and to find them permanent homes or provide them with a lifetime of sanctuary.


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12 FREE Tips To Promote Your Nonprofit

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Michael B. Perini, ABC
perini & associates

I am always asked from nonprofits,”Is there any promotional tools that I can use that are FREE!”  Nonprofits traditionally do not have  PR or marketing budgets.  Unfortunately, many see building relationships as a “cost” vs. an investment.  See this blog post on ways that your nonprofit can be successful.

Below is a list of 12 tips.  By free, i mean you don’t need to write a check to pay for these services.  However, yes, you will have to take time to research and provide materials.  So, there is a people cost that I think most of you understand, right?

You will find that these are Colorado-based, but there are similar resources in most communities, if you just take the time to look.

1. Send a Drumbeat to your network.  By this I mean, talk your nonprofit up!  At personal socials, networking events, and the like.  Have a separate business card just for your nonprofit.

2.   www.your non-profit  If you don’t have a website, have a professional design one.  Some web designers will even offer their services as a “in-kind” donation.  The challenge for you is to keep the website current.

3.  Facebook allows for nonprofits to set up their own page where you can tell potentially millions about your organization and managing donations.

4.-8. Use local resources.  The links below all offer an event or activity calendar.  All are free.  You can pay for some extra features but pricing is low and not necessary until you have that PR/marketing budget approved.  Search for like items in your community.







10.  Use your local newspaper.  Many allow nonprofits to list events in organizational calendars Yes, put together a news release and forward it to the media in the local community.

11.  Use city banners and business marquees.  Many offer these services free. You need to schedule in advance and have a banner ready.  A local sign shop may be willing to donate the banner as a donation.

12.  More than 80% of those who search on the internet are looking to find a video that relates.  So, if you don’t have a video for your nonprofit produce one.  Again, ask a PR or video production firm to assist.  Many offer a % of their services pro-bono.  You won’t know until you ask.



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